Zeeshan Shamji is an Indian born native who moved to New York to build her dream to be a professional licensed Cosmetologist and Make up Artist. A dedicated mother of two who resides in the beautiful neighborhood of Long Island. With over 6 years of intense training and experience in Bridal Makeup and Hair and a winning diverse portfolio she stands unparalleled in her work. Zeeshan is a highly sought after an exclusive and respected make up artist in the industry. She works with media, fashion and private celebrity clientele.

Credentials and Training

Her background includes credentials and training from the highly recognized,

  • Savio John Pereira ( Mumbai ) India
  • Diploma In Intensive Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup by Zukreat ( London ) UK
  • Red Carpet Hair Styling ( San Francisco ) USA
  • Cosmetology and Aesthetics ( Empire Beauty New York ) USA

Zeeshan believes that "Every Bride Is Beautiful Enhancing Your Beauty Is What We Do Best!". Her talent lies in letting each person's beauty shine through, with careful insight and a personalized unique approach each Bride is carefully given a look that is sure to please. GlowZee is each client's destination for the latest trends in beauty and product picks, Featuring the best there is to offer when it comes to getting "GLAMMED" up for your day. Zeeshan ventures out confidently to new heights of working with you, for you,To inspire you to be your beautiful self.

Glowzee Team

Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work. At GlowZee we have a set of highly trained and elite professionals that cater to your specific needs. With licensed cosmetologists and make up artists on staff that include Vinnie Kaur, Misa Mc Gregor and Julissa, we are well equipped to helping bridal parties ranging from 30 people or over. Our top notch artist Vinnie Kaur has been with GlowZee from the inception of the company. Vinnie Kaur is a certified and licensed cosmetologist who has trained under our very own Zeeshan Shamji. With years of professional training and experience Vinnie Kaur along with team GlowZee has you looking your very best. Looking beautiful just got better, come experience it with us!